CATEGORY: Technology

Developing a WordPress Website From Scratch

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

WordPress is open source code which represents the most powerful and used technology for building websites in the world today.  WordPress launched in 2003 as one of many then-present tools for building а blog. Since then it has evolved immense capabilities lead to major brands like Sony, Ebay, Walt Disney, MTV, BBC, and New Yorker all choosing to use it for developing their websites.

    62% of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US (Inc. 5000) use WordPress.

    Over 500 new sites are created daily using the free version of

    Seventy million new blog posts pop up every month.

This course takes the learner through a complete course of installing and creating a WordPress website on their own hosting.  It covers all the basic understandings of what a domain name is, what hosting is, the materials which are needed to create a website are showing step by step instructions for how to manually install the WordPress code.

As well as this the learner is taught the difference between and, essential understandings of how the internet and search engines work, how to audit, assess and identify issues that need addressed on websites plus how to build a website using minimal money and resources.

Throughout this understandings of good multimedia design will be threaded along with critical notions that performance equals better user experience, better user experience equals better search engine optimisation and that these equate to environmental design.

The learner will be introduced to the modern Hepsia hosting environment which is compared to the older cPanel hosting environment illustrating the advantages of using the more advanced Hepsia drag-and-drop environment to manage website development. All relevant aspects of development will be dealt with including security, search engine optimisation, performance optimisation and integral design.